We are a family that loves to serve in the ministry. I (Jason) serve as a pastor of a country church in the Pacific Northwest and my wife Jaimee homeschools our six children, teaches a children’s Sunday School class, and is involved in music ministry. Needing to supplement our income to enable us to continue to minister in a rural community we prayed and brainstormed how we can do so while adding value to people’s lives. We saw in our own church that oftentimes kids would take notes of the sermon but they would be left behind and end in the trash. Likewise adults would sometimes take notes in bulletins that would easily be lost and forgotten. It then came to mind that it may be beneficial for Christians to have sermon notes journals that they can record a full year’s worth of messages (52 Sundays) to be kept as a keepsake. Thus Christian Journals was born as we sought to "Engage the Heart with the Word." We are adding in the future to our sermon notes collection, prayer journals, and Bible study journals. We have a growing variety of designs that cater to men, women, and children. Sign up to be put on our email list to be notified of the latest journals being added to our collection.

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