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3 Reasons to Take Notes at Church

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

1) It Helps Prevent Distractions

Sundays can easily be a rush of sequential events. After getting the kids all dressed, breakfast served, and put lunch in a slow cooker, you head to church frantically. Upon arrival you fully intend to get something out of the preaching, but your mind is racing with various thoughts. "Did I remember to turn the stove off? What time does the football game start today? Should we invite anybody over after church? Is the house clean enough? What am I going to get for groceries this week?" It can be easy to get distracted in from the baby that cried for a few minutes, but by you unintentionally daydreaming. Taking notes of the message is a sure way to help reduce the amount of time daydreaming random thoughts.

2) It Elevates Your Awareness

After church services it is so easy to forget about what was preached and how to make personal application of the message. A cause and effect situation of taking notes during the preaching will help elevate your awareness of what is being taught. When you are better aware of what is being preached, then it makes it easier to make a personal connection and application to your life.

3) Remember and Reflect

Imagine your house was recently robbed

while you were away. You arrive home and you see a law enforcement officer listening to a witness statement about what had happened. Instead of seeing the officer taking notes you see him glancing around at distant activity while trying to reassure the witness and you that they will remember the details, and that any important information will not be overlooked when the case goes to court. Obviously for the officer to not take notes can be detrimental to himself and to the integrity of the case. With a sermon notes journal it will help you remember and reflect on how God spoke to you through his word, making it easier to continue to apply God's word to your life.

Get a sermon notes journal today so that on the next Lord's day you are ready to be more aware of the content of the message and to prevent distractions when you come to worship and hear from the word of God. Then as time passes read up on some of your journals to see how God has and is continuing to grow you.

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