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    This sermon notes journal will help you organize your thoughts while listening to a sermon. It’s a great way to store the information that you learned and desire to apply in specific ways to your life.


    • FULL YEAR: Record up to 52 sermons in one safe collated place. Writing your sermon notes down in a journal instead of just sheets of paper helps you store thoughts from messages for the long term.


    • NICELY DESIGNED: Has a fresh and up to date layout with a nicely designed two page spread per message. Printed as a 6 x 9 inch softcover journal with colorful beautiful orange and pink flowers displayed on the cover. Interior pages are white and ink is in black and grayscale tones.

    The prompts in this journal assist in applying the message of scripture to your life in a personal way.


    • Date
    • Topic (Title)
    • Speaker
    • Scripture References
    • Sermon Notes
    • Questions or Topics to Research Further
    • One Thing from the Message to Apply in My life
    • Sketch a Thought or Write a Quote
    • Prayer Requests and Announcements
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