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    Keep track of your hiking journeys on the islands of Hawaii with this lined journal. Remember the trails you've hiked, the beautiful sights you've seen, and all the memories you want to cling to. You can either pack this journal in your backpack during your hike if you like to write as you go, or fill it out following the trip.

    • COVER DESIGN: A beautiful flower from Hawaii on the front cover and scenery on the back cover. Glossy softcover.
    • INTERIOR LAYOUT: This journal utilizes white pages. It is designed as a two page spread as a lined journal for recording your trips. It has enough space to record up to 50 hiking adventures.
    • PRINT SIZE: Printed as a 6 x 9 inch journal. 120 total pages.

    This book is a lined journal for you to write about your hiking trips. There are a few prompts to help you in the recording of your hikes.


    • Location
    • Trail
    • Date
    • Distance
    • Main Sight Seen


    Prior to the journaling section there are helpful information tips you can review prior to adventuring on your hike.


    • Hiking Etiquette

    • Backcountry Hygiene

    • Hot Weather Hiking

    • Cold Weather Hiking

    • 10 Things You Should Bring on Every Hike

    • Day Hike Essentials Packing List

    • First Aid Kit

    • Clothing for Your Hike

    • Hiking Boots

    • Online Resources

    • Smartphone Apps

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