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My Bible Journal: Coffee Time with Jesus

My Bible Journal: Coffee Time with Jesus


    As you spend time with Jesus and drink a cup of coffee, this is a great book to use as your daily Bible reading journal!


    BIBLE STUDY: There is space for 60 days of journaling your Bible reading. Reflect on what you've read in the scriptures each day. Write down any thoughts you have about the scripture passage and principles to apply to your life as you grow closer to Jesus Christ. There is a section to write down a prayer list and any praise reports that you’re thankful for.  As you’re meditating upon the word of God there is a spot to doodle around. There are also prewritten words of wisdom from Jesus for each day.


    DESIGN LAYOUT: The glossy cover displays a cup of coffee with the words Coffee Time with Jesus. The book is designed at 7.5 x 9.25 inches so that it can easily lay open flat while doing your daily devotions. The interior cream pages are nicely designed as a two page spread with written prompts to aid in your Bible reading. Ink is in black/grayscale.


    - Date
    - Today’s Bible Reading
    - Favorite Verse
    - Wisdom From Jesus (prewritten words of Jesus for each day)
    - Reflections on my Bible reading
    - One thing God’s word spoke to me about regarding growing closer to Jesus
    - Something that caught my curiosity that I would like to study more
    - Prayers and Praises
    - Just My Doodles

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