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My Bucket List Journal: Plan a Life Full of Adventure

My Bucket List Journal: Plan a Life Full of Adventure


    This bucket list book serves as a bucket list planner that helps you brainstorm goals you would like to achieve. Use it for planning upcoming adventures you would like to do, and as a travel bucket list as you dream of traveling the world. Write down special date night ideas, fun activities you hope to do, and anything else you may have on your wish list of things to accomplish in your life. Great lives of fun and adventure don't happen on accident. It happens with intentionality!




    This serves as an index for up to 50 bucket list items for quick reference.



    This is where you write the details of your bucket list. You start by filling out a page on the left regarding the type of activity you’re planning, the planned location, and other details of the bucket list item that you wrote in the index. Then, after completing the particular item on your bucket list, on the right-side page rate it from one to five stars and describe your favorite memories from that trip or activity.


    The back of the book offers 100 ideas for inspiration as you consider what to put in your own personalized bucket list.



    The prompts in this journal assist in brainstorming and planning a bucket list of how you want to spend your life.


    - Activity
    - Location
    - Target Date 
    - Budget 
    - ☐ By Myself   ☐ With Family   ☐ With Friends
    - Backstory Behind My Desire To Do This
    - The Following Steps Will Assist Me In Accomplishing This
    - Date Completed
    - Rating
    - Our # 1 Highlight
    - Other Memorable Moments


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