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Sermon Notes for Kids: Butterflies and Flowers

Sermon Notes for Kids: Butterflies and Flowers


    This sermon note journal is designed to help children stay attentive to messages at church with the purpose of engaging the heart with the Word. Instead of kids writing and drawing on scratch sheets of paper that get thrown away, children can record up to 52 sermons in this journal. This keeps their notes safe and easy to look back at previous messages.


    • COVER DESIGN: The cover consists of a feminine pink background with butterflies and flowers scattered around.
    • INTERIOR LAYOUT: White pages are used and the print is in grayscale. There are cute designs to write and draw in. There are pictures of butterflies and flowers on a two page spread that is duplicated 52 times for a year’s worth of church services.
    • PRINT SIZE: Printed as a 6 x 9 inch journal with a glossy softcover. 110 total pages.

    The prompts in this journal will help stimulate kids' minds to think of the various concepts and principles from scripture that they can apply to their life.


    • Date
    • Who is speaking?
    • Favorite song that was sung today
    • Draw something from today’s Bible story
    • What was the sermon about?
    • Something I’d like to pray for
    • Words I heard but didn’t understand
    • One thing God’s word taught me today
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